Life is your best part of the look

The first photo below is not just a regular street snap from Shanghai Fashion Week. I was rushing from a show to a showroom, and completely didn’t notice there was a cameraman chasing me for a perfect photo he wanted and lost a shoe for it! He finally stopped me and told me how he loved this downtown combination of my outfits. He asked if I intentionally put the flowers in there. The truth is, I planed to put everything back home and change for the show, but I was running late. So change of plan, and I was like, fine, let me be the first person to put a shopping tote with fresh flowers in the front row. Guess what, the daisies turned out to be the catch of the day!


 (Big photo credit for photographer Wen Gang)






Celia B print skirt, Robyn London shirt, DFS customised shopping tote, Acne Studios stripe sneakers, Frency Mercury eyewear, vintage head scarf.

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