ColorBlocker for Calvin Klein

A friend says the clothes looks like a steal from my mom’s closet, so below was what I did to make them mine.

CK 3

CK 1

CK 4

CK 2

CK 7


CK 5

CK 6

Calvin Klein jacket & skirt & watch, Maison Margiela belt, initial straw hat, Adidas x Selena Gomez lace sneakers, Medusa envelop clutch, Gentle Monster mirrored sunglasses, Monica Vinader bracelets & ring & necklace, Tataborello crystal earrings

Calvin Klein watch & jewellery launch at Water House, Shanghai
CK 0

with global CEO Laura Burdese and creative director Ulrich Grimm

CK 3

CK 2

CK 4

CK 5

CK 7Calvin Klein top & skirt & watch & bracelet & earrings, Rick Owen wedge booties, Tom Ford sunglasses, initial straw hat, Amenpapa bible clutch 

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