Jazz up the old-school

I’ve had this vintage-y blazer, blouse, and the beret for God knows how long. Every time I passed by them in my wardrobe, I was like: I love you guys but…not today. Then my dear friend Sophia from Ted Baker gave me this bag fresh from the next season, I started to pull things together in my mind and have a vision of myself dressing something like this. Until I got this 70s flare pants from Keepsake, and that is the final click connected all the dots. The look is kind of old-school, and I wanted to throw in one dose of something unexpected. Here comes the bandana – always do the trick!

Bandana 1

Bandana 2

Bandana 3

Bandana 4

Bandana 5

Bandana 6

Keepsake flare pants, Cloak and Dagger print blouse, Nasty Gal blazer, Ted Baker Emma handbag, Marni oxfords & brogues, Reinhard Plank beret, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses, Urban Outfitters Bandana, Tom Ford lipstick #17 

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