ColorBlocker for Starbucks x Anna Sui

Today the Starbucks ceramic tumbler by Anna Sui is officially out on the market. I didn’t realise how much of a craze it would be, until my friends all started texting me that they saw my photos on the official page. They were sneaking out of the office and rushing to the stores nearby, only to find out all the cups were already out as soon as within a minute. A new mom told me when the next one hit the store, she’s gonna line up the first thing in the morning to get that cup. Breastfeeding has to wait.

Starbucks look1-1

Starbucks look1-4

Starbucks look1-3

Starbucks look1-8

Starbucks look1-2

Starbucks look1-6

Starbucks look1-5

Starbucks look1-7

Starbucks look1-9

Starbucks look1-10TY-LR turtleneck, Topshop sweater, Quinn&Shauye skirt, Spektre mirror sunglasses, Brian Lichtenberg baseball hat, Celine block heels, Moschino bag

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