Authentic Thai at its best

When I first hear about this railway market, it just sounds interesting; When I actually go see it myself, it’s an unreal experience.

When you hear the horn of the train, all stall holders start to fold in their canopies and pull back part of their goods lining up to the racks in less than a minute. Everybody scrambles to get out of the way as the train approach. Right after it pass, the shop owners put all the umbrellas back up in no time at all, and everything goes back to normal like nothing just happened. It’s amazing to see how local people coordinating with each other and utilizing every inch of this magic space.

It’s quite a long drive from downtown, but here I got the cheapest mango on planet:)

Pinko dress

Retro glam

Returning to a groovier era at Mustang Nero.

Finders Keepers dress, Gentle Monster sunglasses, OOAK x HeFang choker & earrings, Laurence Dacade lace sandal booties

Mustang Nero

And no, have a home away from home like this, I don’t wanna go anywhere else.

Keepsake dress, vintage Chanel earrings, Gentle Monster sunglasses

Damnoen Saduak

I’m officially in love with Damnoen Saduak! Here on the floating market, there’s a real taste of life and foods in Bangkok. Don’t feel like a tourist at all, just enjoy being miles away from city life.

Finders Keepers skirt, Pink tee, Gentle Monster sunglasses, Salar bag, Miu Miu shoes, Emilio Pucci belt, Monica Vinader & Monday Edition bracelets

Tuk Tuk, Tor Kor

Thai fruits are officially my new beauty regimen.

Or Tor Kor Market 6

Not sure if you could see what they’ve been doing to my face these days, but I feel glowing from inside out!

Or Tor Kor Market 1

Or Tor Kor Market 2

Or Tor Kor Market 5

Or Tor Kor Market 13

Terminal 21 - 4

SJYP denim top, The Fifth tee, Finders Keepers culottes, Dolce&Gabbana studded crossbody, I suddenly sneezed slippers, Hypergrand watch, Monica Vinader bracelet, Beams headband, vintage Chanel brooch