Tracy Wang, aka. ColorBlocker, is a journalism master graduate from New York University. After interning and working at NBC, New York Times, Refinery29, and OK! magazine, she found herself ended up as a full-time fashion and travel blogger. 

Based in Shanghai yet always on the road, she has been leaving footprints all over the globe especially Latin America, where generates the perpetual inspiration for her unashamedly colorful style. Wherever she goes, she finds a way to blend in, and stand out. She is no stranger to mash up original and exotic ensembles that appeal to her followers, and she always brings back the most enchanting travel stories interpreted in her never-boring writing style.

Tracy does not want to be one-note or easily discernible. She has an innate sense to incorporate myriad styles in a fun and personal way. She has grown quite a bit in the past few years, but has never lost sight of who she is and who she wants to be.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi colorblocker,
    I’m a new reader. I really enjoy reading your blog. The way you put each pieces together is inspiring.
    Keep rockin’ it!


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  3. Hey Tracy, I discovered your lookbook and it was love-at-first-sight in terms of your style!
    As a new blogger I think you are a great inspiration to me. Look forward to seeing more from you! Cheers 🙂


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